We’re moving into the open (beta that is)

Zombies chasing PUP


After months of work, a week or two of Witcher III, some beta related problems, fighting off a zombie onslaught, some assignment of IP issues and finally an epic battle or Zergian proportions – we’re coming out of closed beta! Yay!

PUP on Android will be launching within a week (not accounting for any acts of a higher being and all that). We’re supporting a 100+ games at launch for you to multiplay on and are really excited about all of this for a couple of reasons. First, this is something we’ve wanted to see come to fruition for years now, and as the company (SWARM) we’re releasing our first large scale internal product.

That being said. We are going to need your help.

We’re sure there will be a few kinks to iron out, a few bugs here and there, maybe a  missing game image or something similar. We’re supporting Android 4.1 and up – and due to the number of devices out there we’re expecting freak crashes on things we were simply unable to test internally. If you find something, please say something. Our goal has always been to build this for the community – and even though this is our side project – we still want to deliver the best user experience possible, and for that we need you.

And, if you like the product, have gamer friends, or know gamers – please let them know about PUP. The only way we can make this an excellent service for you is we establish a community around it.

See you in game!