Not sure if it’s the K-9 references in both our names, but team PUP had a killer meeting yesterday with CEO and Co-Founder of Overdog, Steve Berneman. We got to rap about some of the challenges facing the gamer grouping space and learned from each other’s decisions and experiences.

Steve has been in the market a few years longer than us and definitely had a lot of insight. We’re all very grateful for his time and will be looking to return the favor by sharing what data we get from our product experiments!

The one thing that was certain from this meeting was that the problem of finding people to game with is real. We’re all still looking for a best fit solution, and Overdog’s strategy of going platform specific definitely makes sense–plus, they have a really interesting gamer matching algorithm. It gave us some food for thought.

If you’ve got an XBONE in your living room, you should definitely give Overdog a try.