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We’re thrilled to tell you that PUP designs are completely wrapped up and we’re just a short development sprint away from a beta release. What this all means, is that PUP has a tentative release date which we will be sharing with you the community very soon.

What this all means is a new blog, where we get to communicate with you, an Official PUP Steam Group  where we hope you’ll communicate with us, and all sorts of other pre-release goodies.

Keeping that in mind we’re starting to gear up for launch with a number of exciting things that we’ve been working on internally and are for the moment keeping under wraps. Finally, we will be shooting an email to all you wonderful people who signed up to beta test PUP and asking those of you with Android phones to help us test the beta version of the app, so keep an eye on your inboxes for that beta email.

All the best for now, and until next time,

– Team PUP