PUP hangs with Overdog


Not sure if it’s the K-9 references in both our names, but team PUP had a killer meeting yesterday with CEO and Co-Founder of Overdog, Steve Berneman. We got to rap about some of the challenges facing the gamer grouping space and learned from each other’s decisions and experiences.

Steve has been in the market a few years longer than us and definitely had a lot of insight. We’re all very grateful for his time and will be looking to return the favor by sharing what data we get from our product experiments!

The one thing that was certain from this meeting was that the problem of finding people to game with is real. We’re all still looking for a best fit solution, and Overdog’s strategy of going platform specific definitely makes sense–plus, they have a really interesting gamer matching algorithm. It gave us some food for thought.

If you’ve got an XBONE in your living room, you should definitely give Overdog a try.

We’re moving into the open (beta that is)

Zombies chasing PUP


After months of work, a week or two of Witcher III, some beta related problems, fighting off a zombie onslaught, some assignment of IP issues and finally an epic battle or Zergian proportions – we’re coming out of closed beta! Yay!

PUP on Android will be launching within a week (not accounting for any acts of a higher being and all that). We’re supporting a 100+ games at launch for you to multiplay on and are really excited about all of this for a couple of reasons. First, this is something we’ve wanted to see come to fruition for years now, and as the company (SWARM) we’re releasing our first large scale internal product.

That being said. We are going to need your help.

We’re sure there will be a few kinks to iron out, a few bugs here and there, maybe a  missing game image or something similar. We’re supporting Android 4.1 and up – and due to the number of devices out there we’re expecting freak crashes on things we were simply unable to test internally. If you find something, please say something. Our goal has always been to build this for the community – and even though this is our side project – we still want to deliver the best user experience possible, and for that we need you.

And, if you like the product, have gamer friends, or know gamers – please let them know about PUP. The only way we can make this an excellent service for you is we establish a community around it.

See you in game!



Introducing LFGER, find groups fast.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.24.48 PM

During many early PUP brainstorming sessions we found ourselves going back and forth about the type of gamer that PUP should cater to. Would it be the gamer who just wants to play and quickly? Or was it going to be the type of gamer who wants a social experience from his or her online play?

In the end we settled for the second. What we wanted to do was build a community of passionate gamers, and make multiplayer games truly social. But this left the other type of gamer standing around aimlessly LFG’ing, and that just wasn’t cool.

So, in order to cater to the “I wanna play now” crowd, we give you LFGER.com. A web app experiment we hacked together over the course of a few days – it launches today with 6 games. Destiny, GTAV, H1Z1, Dota2, League of Legends and CS:GO.

Now the cool part (we think) about LFGER as opposed to some other LFG sites, is that it stores all data on Twitter, so whenever you put out a new LFG request, it gets tweeted, meaning folks don’t have to be on LFGER.com to see your LFG request. Pretty hawt huh?

And finally, you can save each page on your mobile phone as a web-app, Android App or iOS app (pending approval) meaning from pocket to game in no time at all.

The PUP Beta List is Live


After much deliberation, one minor disagreement, some scraping, image editing, and finally a good bit of fact checking we’ve finalized the list of supported games for the initial beta release.

This beta list will run through launch, at which point we will update it again to include new game releases. While we wouldn’t normally make this information public, we want to get you, the community involved in the development and direction of PUP, and would like to hear what additional games you would like to see included at launch.

The full beta games list is included below, or you can have a look through it here on the original Google doc. Let us know in the comments what you think, if we should add or remove anything, and remember to PartyUP before you Party Down.

Hello Gamerverse!

find players to game with

We’re thrilled to tell you that PUP designs are completely wrapped up and we’re just a short development sprint away from a beta release. What this all means, is that PUP has a tentative release date which we will be sharing with you the community very soon.

What this all means is a new blog, where we get to communicate with you, an Official PUP Steam Group  where we hope you’ll communicate with us, and all sorts of other pre-release goodies.

Keeping that in mind we’re starting to gear up for launch with a number of exciting things that we’ve been working on internally and are for the moment keeping under wraps. Finally, we will be shooting an email to all you wonderful people who signed up to beta test PUP and asking those of you with Android phones to help us test the beta version of the app, so keep an eye on your inboxes for that beta email.

All the best for now, and until next time,

– Team PUP