find gamers to play with


Find gamers to play with.

PUP helps you find the best people to game with based on your gaming style and skill.

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Party Up

No more waiting around trying to find people to play with, we've made grouping as simple as possible.

Play Together

Whether its one other person, a group, raid, or a zerg, you'll be playing with people you like.

Have fun

Playing with folks you like means having fun, and that also means making new friends around games.


We're rolling into beta with support for every major platform including Steam.

PUP needs your help

We're looking for community advocates to spread the word in the gaming universe about PUP. Do you have what it takes?

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Our Team
PUP is being built by SWARM, an independent app development studio specializing in mobile, wearable, and second screen devices. We were founded in 2013 and have built apps for startups, growth stage companies and enterprise clients. We are experts in creating beautiful and functional products that people love.

People talking about PUP

"It's just so simple. I wish that XBOX had something like this in the dashboard." - SlapMahFro

Users loving PUP

"I tried the early beta and loved it! Can't wait for more folks to be on this so I can really get into it." - SugarCookieSquirrel

Folks enjoying PUP

"Had an absolutely killer play session thanks to you guys. You rock!" - bcrfan

Built by gamers for gamers

  • Any game any time.
  • Steam/PC, XBOX Live, and PSN
  • Intelligent lobby system.
  • No more random match ups.
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